Video about Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms and Causes by Karl Lockett


Transcription Below If You’d Rather Read:

Hi! I’m Karl Lockett. I’ve been a sports podiatrist for twelve years,and I’ve found that one of the biggest causes of heel pain is recreational running and walking. The most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis are pain around this part of the heel here, or through the arch of the foot here. Many Patients report the feeling of stone bruise, or a pebble in the shoe. When they wake up in the morning and they put their foot on the ground, there’s often a lot of pain. Most patients hobble for the first few steps, and after a few minutes, the pain tends to drop off. In the first consultation, we try and work out why they’ve got the problem,have a good look at their foot function, have a look at what shoes they’re using, put them on a treadmill, video their feet, see how they walk, and then we’ll give them some feedback on the things that they can do to avoid the problem, and things that they can do to reduce the pain, and moving forward, things that they can do to support the fascia and enable the healing to take place.

Some people have inflammation in the fascia. Other people have tears in the fascia. So, everyone is different, and for that reason different people will respond to different treatments. Some people benefit from orthotics, some people benefit from simple stretching techniques and footwear advice. Other people might need to go into a rehabboot. It really depends on how severe the problem is, and how accurately your problem’s been diagnosed. So if you’ve got foot problems, if you’ve got any type of heel pain, if you got symptoms consistent with plantar fasciitis, I can help. (end of transcription)

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Written by Karl Lockett