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Heel Pain Treatment

The main practice of our work here at Sydney Heel Pain Clinic is Heel Pain Treatment. As sports podiatrists, we treat all kinds of foot and ankle pain but most patients attending our clinic require Heel Pain Treatment.

Types of Heel Pain Treatment


Applying rigid sports tape to the affected foot once every 3 or 4 days is one type of heel pain treatment that works by unloading the plantar fascia. This type of treatment is not the preferred option for posterior heel pain / Achilles tendon issues which normally respond better to other types of treatment. There are many different ways of taping the foot and we use a technique that doesn’t bind the foot tightly and therefor doesn’t irritate the plantar fascia. This type of heel pain treatment relies on the commitment of the patient as they will often be required to reapply the tape for a number of weeks, after they have been shown how to do it by the podiatrist. Read more: Plantar Fasciitis Taping

Shock wave therapy

This form of heel pain treatment is relatively modern. Shock wave therapy stimulates the part of the heel that is affected and triggers a healing process. Usually, patients are required to have 3-5 sessions.


Another method of heel pain treatment is the use of prescription orthotics inside shoes. This is an excellent way of unloading the plantar fascia, which then reduces the pulling and irritation of the fascia on the heel. Orthotics will need to be worn for 8-12 weeks and it best to transfer them from shoe to shoe and wear them all day every day. This type of heel pain treatment can be expensive but it is extremely reliable (providing the orthotics are designed perfectly). The design and manufacture of orthotics is a highly complex skillset and it is not uncommon for some patients get poor results from inappropriate insoles. This type of heel pain treatment requires an extremely accurate assessment from the podiatrist and excellent communication with the technicians who are building the orthotics.

Ice packs

This is kind of a self – heel pain treatment. Ice will constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation. This reduces pain as well as speeding up recovery.


This type of heel pain treatment is a must for all patients. You cannot have tight calf muscles and expect not to get heel pain. Whether its plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tendonopathy or Sever’s. Tight calf muscles are a heel pain waiting to happen. And more to the point, this type of heel pain treatment is FREE! NOTE: The type of calf stretch and the technique are crucial. Otherwise these stretches can aggravate the heel.


Another form of heel pain treatment is to focus on your footwear. Most patients that come to the clinic are wearing “comfortable” shoes but this does not mean that they are functional shoes. Your foot type is relevant when selecting shoes for heel pain treatment, as is your body weight and your level of activity.

Immobilisation boot

This form of heel pain treatment is excellent. These boots unload the foot and allow healing to take place naturally. Boots with a rocker sole and an air pump are the best, and they should be full height.

If you are suffering with heel pain, there are many treatment options available if you seek proper assistance from the right healthcare practitioner. Consult a podiatrist. Feel free to contact Sydney Heel Pain Clinic for more info about heel pain treatment. Inquire now!

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Written by Karl Lockett