Plantar Fasciitis – an overview of Karl Lockett, Sports Podiatrist

Karl Lockett is a Sports Podiatrist with a special interest in heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis. He graduated from the university of Salford, Manchester in 1998 and has been in biomechanics and Plantar Fasciitis in Australia since 2001.

Karl Locket was invited to speak at the Sports Medicine Australia seminar rooms in 2012 where he shared his knowledge with fellow Podiatrists. He regularly welcomes students from the University of Western Sydney into the clinic so don’t be surprised if there are 2 sets of hands on your feet during your consultation.

Karl currently offers treatment for Plantar Fasciitis in 4 locations throughout Sydney – Martin Place, Crows Nest, West Ryde and Parramatta. Patients with Plantar Fasciitis or other types of heel pain are often required to come to the practice once or twice so that Karl can implement a treatment plan, unless they need shock wave therapy, in which case they may come once a week for up to 6 or 8 weeks.

At the Sydney Heel Pain Clinics, Karl has different treatment options for Plantar Fasciitis, depending on the patient’s set of individual circumstances. There are some treatments that can provide immediate relief from heel pain at the first visit, such as an immobilisation boot or shock wave therapy. Other treatment examples for Plantar Fasciitis are strapping or orthotics.

The crucial part of the treatment plan however, is the advice that is given at the time of consultation. Karl provides each patient with a set of information sheets that educate the individual – this lists the do’s and the dont’s and ensures that the heel pain patient can avoid things that stress the Plantar Fascia, and delay healing of their Plantar Fasciitis. There is also a list of things that help the healing of Plantar Fasciitis including very specific stretch techniques and individual footwear advice.

Karl believes there is more than once cause of Plantar Fasciitis but that there are definite trends. It is usually possible for him to identify the exact cause of the patient’s heel pain, although its not always necessary. The treatment plan for Plantar Fasciitis is the most important thing.

Karl and his colleagues regularly attend sports medicine seminars in order to stay up to speed with podiatry research. This ensures that you, the patient, will always receive an accurate diagnosis and a reliable treatment programme. The technology used in the clinic is the most up to date and as modern as can be found anywhere. The digital foot scan equipment is accurate to 0.1mm which removes any margin of error when taking a digital foot scan or designing orthotics.

Plantar Fasciitis can be a very stubborn form of heel pain and requires very specific treatment. At Sydney Heel Pain Clinic, Karl Lockett and his colleagues consistently achieve results which remove heel pain and allow patients to make a complete recovery.

If you would like more information about Plantar Fasciitis or other types of heel pain then you can read through the other articles on this website or you can to speak to the practice manager.


Written by Karl Lockett