Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

A Common Question: What are the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Many patients will attend the Sydney heel Pain clinic reporting chronic discomfort in the heel, and one of the typical questions they ask is what are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is one of those conditions that causes pain first thing in the morning when your heel hits the ground. There is also start up pain where by there is significant discomfort after long periods of being seated or driving. Many patients will report the feeling of a stone bruise in the bottom of the heel which can also be described as a pebble in the she. More often than not, patients suffering with plantar fasciitis turn to their footwear and wonder what are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. In addition to modifying their footwear many people with this chronic heel pain condition will attempt of variety of home remedies in order to reduce the pain and accelerate healing. If you are suffering with plantar fasciitis you have probably tried rolling your foot on a hard object like a frozen water bottle or a spiky ball. You may have attempted plantar fasciitis massage in addition to the variety of foot stretches. Many people will sleep with a plantar fasciitis brace also known as a Strasbourg sock. Most of the home remedies that people try will reduce the symptoms temporarily but often they do not contribute to healing in the long term. Due to the temporary relief when self treating, patients will continue with the home remedies that they have selected before falling short of the mark. Eventually, after several weeks or months they begin to explore professional help as the home remedies have not resolved that plantar fasciitis.

Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Robust Vs Soft

Different types of shoes for plantar fasciitis have been trialed and these will range from soft and flexible to stiff and robust. Regardless of foot type, it is important that the foot is supported as much as possible in order that the plantar fascia is unloaded. One of the most common troublesome shoes for Plantar fasciitis symptoms is the skecher – a problematic shoe due to the lack of support. Skechers have been the cause of plantar fasciitis in many patients who attend the Sydney heel Pain clinic. Other shoes for plantar fasciitis pain come from Nike free which are also very flat, flexible and non-supportive. This type of shoe causes the foot to work much harder which can be one of the causes of the condition.

The Sydney heel Pain clinic has a strong working relationship with Asics and can provide a range of functional shoes that offer excellent levels of support. These shoes for plantar fasciitis can be matched to a specific person‘s foot type and body weight. And occasionally, the liner of these shoes is removed and replaced with a customised prescription orthotic made from carbon fibre. These shoes for plantar fasciitis while supportive remain comfortable and lightweight.

Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Asics Gel Fortitude – Firm Neutral shoes for plantar fasciitis


Footwear is only one part of a much larger treatment plan and if you are wondering which are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis then it is important that other contributing factors are analysed and treated.

The Sydney heel pain clinic podiatrists will install their mobile phone application, which contains a list of shoes for plantar fasciitis, in addition to other important treatments, on to the patients phone at the end of their consultation. The mobile phone application contains a diagram and explanation of one very specific supinated calf stretch which releases the heal without straining the plantar fascia. The mobile phone application also contains a list of every day things that patients do unknowingly that can affect the plantar fasciitis negatively. Patients are encouraged to avoid these things and are also advised on things that they can do to help the fascia to heal. In addition to wearing the correct shoes for plantar fasciitis, patients are advised that on rare occasions there maybe the need for a small injection of Cortisone, if their condition is complicated by a small Superficial bursa.

If you have plantar fasciitis or chronic heel pain and you would like advise on shoes for plantar fasciitis you can consult with the podiatrists at the Sydney Heel Pain Clinics – / 93883322.


Podiatrist – Karl Lockett

Written by Karl Lockett