Plantar Fasciitis Management

What Does Plantar Fasciitis Management Involve

Currently there is insufficient evidence to allow scientific clarity surrounding the most effective form of plantar fasciitis management. There are many different types of treatment for plantar fasciitis and each patient should be treated individually. The recommended plantar fasciitis management for one person may not be suitable for another as there are multiple contributing factors to this frustrating heel pain condition. Many patients resort to self treatment and online research in an attempt to resolve their condition before seeking professional plantar fasciitis management from a suitably qualified healthcare practitioner. Treatment and management of plantar fasciitis should most definitely involve measures to unload the plantar fascia mechanically. This can be achieved via the use of a touch and hold orthotic, designed by prescription and worn for up to 6 weeks diligently. Plantar fasciitis management may involve a referral for ultrasound imaging or MRI. X-rays are of less benefit in these circumstances. Imaging usually forms part of a plantar fasciitis management plan if the practitioner suspects tears in the plantar fascia itself. The treatments that maybe useful are treatments such as shockwave therapy which has been proven to stimulate healing via an increase in blood capillaries and new collagen. In addition to touch and hold orthotics and shockwave therapy, the temporary application of rigid sports tape can be very beneficial and usually helps to reduce pain levels. However, due to skin irritation strapping should only be carried out short-term. Other common treatments are things such as acupuncture, dry needling, stretching techniques and footwear changes. In troublesome circumstances the plantar fasciitis management plans may involve injections of Cortisone to reduce stubborn inflammation.

How Long Should Plantar Fasciitis Management Plans Last?

The length of time that a patient is involved in a plantar fasciitis management plan will be determined by several factors, such as the severity of the condition and the length of time that they have been experiencing heel pain. Typically the patient may receive treatment and care for anywhere between three and six weeks. Chronic conditions and patients with severe obesity may receive care for longer due to the excessive load on the feet.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

The typical symptoms of plantar fasciitis which will normally be described during the consultation are things such as pain at the base of the heel which is often more noticeable first thing in the morning when rising from bed. Patients who are undergoing plantar fasciitis management will often describe the feeling of a stone bruise under the heel or the sensation of a pebble inside the shoe. They describe what can be called “start up” pain whereby there is significant discomfort when walking, following long periods of being seated. In extreme cases the patient will also report throbbing or stabbing sensations under the heel or through the arch of the foot.

Who Offers Plantar Fasciitis Management

Podiatrists are expert in foot health and should be able to offer concise plantar fasciitis management plans. If the podiatrist that you see has a special interest in sports podiatry and has more exposure to biomechanical analysis than other foot conditions such as skin and nail, then there is a good chance that they will have more experience in the treatment of this painful condition.

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Plantar Fasciitis Management

Written by Karl Lockett